Underground stories

Strangers on a train  - Acrylic
Gotta take a ‘selfie’ - acrylic
Tired of trying to stay awake - Acrylic.
Myanmar Rohingya woman - The world she k
A train in Myanmar with battered seats a
Don't Fall Asleep On The Subway
Underground stories  global citizenship
Everyone is unique,.even if the difference is subtle -   Acrylic
רק עליו עוד לא שמו שלט שאין לו טלפון
Underground gossip - Acrylic
Underground  Trilogy   (3)
He can spare himself little sleep
Underground  Trilogy   (2)
Underground trilogy - lost in the system
Moscow Metro - Acrylic  40-50 cm   2015
Pastor's Fiery Speech at the metro station 40-50 acrylic