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Where am I positioned on the art map;


A little boy paints a smiling sun, flower and house, in sharp colors. His world is pure, has no precipitation, no precise proportions or sublime composition.

An adult paints while looking over his shoulder - at the prospective viewers. He examines whether acceptable areas of color, shapes and perspective are acceptable. He has extensive experience in technique and he invests in his environment to have a desirable response - that is, an appreciation for his creative ability and storytelling. Or rather, an investor by creating resistance around him, pushing the work and the public discourse.

Along the way of life, between the little boy and the adult, character and abilities are shaped. The technique is acquired and experience gained. The array of emotions also becomes complicated. The acquired knowledge directs the work that will fulfill the artist's purpose.

The artist's purpose is, for the most part, viable - existential, and depends on his personal, economic and socio-cultural situation. The definition of culture is very broad and includes the immediate or distant environment the artist aims to reach with the work. But most importantly - contemporary fashion determines its activity, if it wants to improve its economic situation.

Not everyone can ignore fashion, go beyond the free districts of their creation. The successful ones in each field set the example and tone. Anyone who wants recognition in his work will also try.

Culture has also shaped the interpretation that is their livelihood - to point to a line in the work that is colorful and noisy enough to create a promotion. These, too, are interdependent . Everyone is immersed in the same cultural egg. If one sank, he might pull others into the depths, oblivion.

Pure technical ability such as Raphael's lies in museums. Is not part of contemporary fashion. Classical rebels in the last centuries have created new fashions, which are intensifying in the information age, when everything is allowed - must be exaggerated to stand out, to exist.

In the contemporary culture approach - all the shouting, right.

If you do not shout, you will be swarmed with the general noise of millions of artists and works. In this situation everything is possible, the sophistication requires abandoning the desire for supreme technique and the story of the work, and recreating The Emperor's New Clothes


But the Emperor remains naked. That's how the Israeli author Ephraim Kishon shouted in "Picasso's sweet revenge" (Picasso's will: "I was able to satisfy the experts' desire for endless jokes that popped into my mind, and it impressed the more critics - the less understandable they were – super richer I became ").

Kishon in his special way put a mirror in front of us. I know that my  concepts of beauty it is not  the only right ones.

 Loud silence characterized the response tone of those in the art field. Refusal to publish the book in Hebrew and more. This is also a method - to lower your head and reduce the body outline until the storm passes. It should be noted that the method is successful.

By the way, the Israeli artist Yair Garbuz responded that the book should be bought, with a pile of Tipex bottles, erased the words and left with a beautiful album of modern pictures. But he is the one who coined the adage "I get up before I wake up".

And I - I'm not in this game. I draw what I want. The way i want ...

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